About Groupe Forrest International

Groupe Forrest International (GFI S.A.) is a collection of companies owned directly or indirectly by the Forrest family. The companies of GFI S.A. are based in the Democratic Republic of the Congo [DRC] and in Belgium. Their activities however go beyond the borders of these States. The Group’s management is structured around its Chairman, George A. Forrest and its CEO, Malta David Forrest.

Major operator in the DRC

Groupe Forrest International is one of the main employers and private investors in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The companies of the Group provide employment to almost 6,000 people and are active in the civil engineering, construction, roads, electricity, industry, agri-food and health fields. The heir to 99 years of uninterrupted activities in Central Africa, the Group has retained a family structure since its was founded. Several of its companies are the oldest in the region in their respective areas of activity.

Social commitment

Groupe Forrest has been investing on the African continent since 1922. This longevity is the fruit of a vision of the role of companies, namely the duty to be a positive player in the society in which it operates and a stable, long-term and constructive actor. Groupe Forrest accompanies each investment with the following requirements:

  • the contribution of value-added and technologies in the countries concerned;
  • compliance with environmental standards similar to those that apply within the European Union;
  • compliance with the law, including labour and tax matters, in the states in which it invests;
  • contribution to the social development of the local populations.

Groupe Forrest values


The quality of its work and its products is the priority of Groupe Forrest and is its trademark. It is the guarantee of long-lasting work, that respects the expectations and requirements of the customers.

Qualified employees

Groupe Forrest’s expertise relies on a workforce which is among the most highly qualified in central Africa. Investment and training are designed in line with the standards in force within the European Union.


Safety and quality of life at work are constantly scrutinised by Groupe Forrest. In this regard, each company adheres to strict standards ensuring that its employees work in high quality conditions.

Respect for the environment

Groupe Forrest pays special attention to respect of the environment, both in how it designs its investments and in the routine management of worksites, garages, waste treatment, etc.


Groupe Forrest is committed to carrying out its business activities ethically, respectfully, responsibly, safely and sustainably. In 2017, the Group’s Board of Directors set up a Compliance Committee. It ensures that a regulatory compliance programme is in place at all times within the company and its subsidiaries.


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