Agribusiness: Grands Élevages De Katongola (Grelka)

Since 1930, our company GRELKA (standing for Grands Élevages De Katongola) produces superior quality and organic meat for local consumers of the Katanga and Lualaba Provinces.  Our animals are reared in the open and feed exclusively on the natural vegetation of the plateaus of Biano and the savannas of Katongola.

A unique breed providing exceptional meat

The GRELKA breed, unique in the world, is a blend of different cattle breeds of southern Africa. This cross-breeding, combined with traditional rearing methods and a healthy diet, mean that the meat is tender, juicy and very enjoyable to eat.

Ranch reared cattle

Our herds are reared on 2 ranches which among the most modern and best equipped in the region. They extend over a total area of 450,000 hectares at Biano, in the province of Lualaba and Katongola, in the province of Haut-Lomami.

A professional and passionate team

Our 35,000 head herd is looked after by nearly 800 employees, among which are 20 Congolese vets trained on the spot. We also benefit from the advice of international specialists.

Social commitment

Our Biano and Katongola ranches have their own schools and medical centres all of whose costs are borne by GRELKA. We support many local initiatives benefiting local people.

Local circuit

In addition to its taste, GRELKA meat is remarkable for its excellent value for money. We deliver locally in the Katanga area.  Contact us to learn more, find out our prices and delivery terms on +243 (0) 994 111 800.

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