NSM Hydro (NSMH)

NSM Hydro is a Congolese company based in Kinshasa, of which Groupe Forrest is the main shareholder. The company is the result of a collaboration with a local partner for returning into service and developing electricity production projects in the DRC.


In 2017, NSM Hydro, in collaboration with Congo Energy, AEMI and the SNEL, participated in the renovation and modernisation of the hydroelectric power station of Sanga, on the Inkisi river, in Kongo Central (formerly Bas-Congo). The project itself was pre-financed by Groupe Forrest, for a total of more than USD 8,000,000.


NSM Hydro has the certificate of conformity issued by the Ministry of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, permitting it to work as a subcontractor in the private sector in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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