GRELKA is a Congolese cattle breeding and meat-producing company in which the Forrest family is a shareholder in a private capacity. Bought in 2006, George A. Forrest and his children hold a majority stake.


GRELKA currently has a herd of nearly 35,000 head of cattle spread over an area of 450,000 hectares in two ranches: at Biano in Lualaba province and at Katongola in Haut-Lomami province. The cattle are kept outside, far from any pollution. They feed exclusively on natural vegetation and are not given any food supplement. For all these reasons, the meat produced by GRELKA cattle is organic.

GRELKA breed

The meat produced by GRELKA is sold locally, mainly in Haut-Katanga and Lualaba. GRELKA produces prime quality organic meat. The company, created in the 1930s, has gradually developed its own breed, the Grelka. The Grelka breed, unique in the world, is in part based on the Bonsmara, the leading beef breed of South Africa.

Social commitment

Since the GRELKA ranches are far from any urban centre, the company supports many initiatives which are social in nature. In particular, it finances schools where the children can enjoy high-quality education completely free of charge.

Medical centres, as well as trained staff, are available to the workers and their families. All the costs related to these establishments are borne by GRELKA.

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