Rachel Forrest Foundation

Based in Lubumbashi, the Rachel Forrest Foundation is a not-for-profit association incorporated under Congolese law. It was created by Groupe Forrest and is currently chaired by Mrs Lydia Forrest, the wife of George A. Forrest, Chairman of the Group.

The Rachel Forrest Foundation (FRF) develops projects for the benefit of local populations in various sectors including education, early childhood, health, sport, infrastructure, culture and the environment.


Education is a priority for the Rachel Forrest Foundation. Through its initiatives, the Foundation contributes to enabling access to good quality education for thousands of Congolese children. The Rachel Forrest Foundation funds certain schools on a regular basis. Occasional support is also given to institutions for various types of projects, for example the construction of libraries, classrooms or computer rooms.

These projects are developed in several provinces of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), in the Katanga and in the Bas-Congo mainly.

Early childhood

The Rachel Forrest Foundation supports projects in favour of children living in precarious conditions.

In the South Kivu and the Katanga, the Foundation contributes to several orphanages. Structures of this kind, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), are rare and deserve to be actively supported. Initiatives in favour of street children and the fight against malnutrition are also led by the Rachel Forrest Foundation.


The Rachel Forrest Foundation supports hospitals, health centres, clinics and other institutions and non-profit associations active in the field of health in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. This support is varied: construction of medical and health facilities, donations of food and good-quality pharmaceutical products, structural support etc.


Structural sponsorship is granted to sports clubs in the areas of football, boxing and horse riding. In addition to professional sport, support is provided to local organisations active in promoting sport for all.


The Rachel Forrest Foundation promotes access to African cultures and to contemporary African art. It is one of the main patrons of DIALOGUES, a non-profit association that promotes contemporary African art. The Foundation also participates in funding and printing many books relating to the cultural field.


The Rachel Forrest Foundation promotes the preservation of Congolese fauna and flora. As such, it supports various institutions, active in research or in raising the Congolese public’s awareness of environmental issues.

The Foundation has moreover participated in financing works and conferences relating to the wealth and the urgent need to protect the Congolese fauna and flora.


The Rachel Forrest Foundation supports infrastructure projects: school, urban, health, the supply of drinking water, electrification, etc. Projects are selected according to their relevance and the benefit they provide to the population and to the community.

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