Ateliers d’Electro Maintenance Industriels (AEMI)

AEMI (Industrial electrical maintenance workshops) is a Congolese company specialised in electrical installation, repair and maintenance.

The company stands out by its experience of more than 60 years in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.  It offers superior quality service and offers a guarantee on the repairs and renovations of the machines.  Formerly ACEC (Ateliers de Construction Electrique de Charleroi – Electrical Construction Workshops of Charleroi) Congo, AEMI has been owned by Groupe Forrest since 2013.


In its workshops, AEMI renovates electric machines, in particular rotating machines, specific to the hydroelectric power sector.  It is specialised in winding motors, generators, transformers and stabilisers for industrial customers over the whole of the DRC. AEMI also offers services for the design and set-up of electrical installations, for both the industrial and building sectors as well as electrical maintenance services, including preventive maintenance.


AEMI has been rewounding motors, generators, transformers and stabilisers of all types for more than 60 years. Its clients include the largest active companies in the Democratic Republic of the Congo: TFM, KCC, MMG, Boss Mining, Alstom, SNEL, Total, Perenco, Heineken, Bracongo, CILU, SNCC, etc.

Among its facilities, AEMI has vacuum pressure impregnation tanks, carbonisation kilns, polymerisation kilns, balancing machines and test slabs.

Rotating machines

AEMI has a growing activity in hydroelectric power renovation projects.  The company is involved in two ways:

  • as a main contractor

AEMI has participated in returning infrastructure of the Zongo, Koni and Mbuji Mayi power plants into service as the main contractor, in particular generators of a power of less than 15 MW.

  • as a subcontractor

On the Inga II, N’Seke and N’Zilo power plants – large-scale projects – AEMI is the subcontractor for international companies responsible for large-scale renovation. Thus, for Inga II, AEMI has stacked generators with a power of 170 MW for Alstom-General Electric.

2 workshops in the DRC

As regards electrical repair, the AEMI workshops, in Kinshasa and in Likasi, are the only ones in the DRC to have all the equipment required to meet international standards. AEMI carries out repairs and renovations in its workshops, but the staff can also assist on site at the customer’s request.

Since 2017, AEMI has been officially certified to distribute, repair and maintain Siemens products in the DRC.

AEMI commitment

AEMI financially supports social, cultural and artistic initiatives in favour of local populations.  Learn more here about our social commitment.

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