The creation of a high-quality road network is a priority in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

We have been building roads for several decades, and have acquired unique know-how in this field. That is why many public and private enterprises use our services. In the DRC, we make three types of roads: asphalt roads, concrete roads and laterite roads.

Asphalt Roads

Asphalt roads are perfectly suited for high-density road traffic and are preferred for the main and secondary roads. A road of this type is an ideal choice in terms of safety and comfort. Indeed, this type of coating creates little noise when vehicles drive on it. In addition, asphalt requires a relative short laying time. The road can therefore quickly be opened to traffic once the work is completed. Finally, the cost per kilometre of an asphalt road is lower than that of a concrete road.

The raw materials (gravel and sand) used in the composition of the asphalt come from our own production plants. This ensures that a high-quality road is made at a competitive price.

Concrete Roads

Concrete roads are recommended on sections of road used by heavy vehicles such as trucks. These routes are very strong and can withstand frequent heavy loads. The concrete requires a drying time that is greater than asphalt which, in general, is a few weeks.

An example of vertical integration is that the materials used to make our concrete roads come from our superior quality quarries. Mastery and control of all the production stages guarantee a high-quality and long-lasting road.

Laterite Roads

Laterite is an abundant material in tropical Africa. It naturally contains gravel, which provides its bearing capacity. The thicker the layer of laterite, the more tonnage it can support. Thanks to its natural properties and its availability, laterite is a material of choice, offered at an affordable price. A laterite road is also an excellent substrate for subsequent asphalting.

Road Improvements and Infrastructure

Well thought-out and high-quality road infrastructure is essential for ensuring the safety of users. We also specialise in road improvements and structures:

Site Safety

On all our worksites, safety is one of our priorities. Making a road requires special precautions in this regard, especially if part of the road remains open to traffic. At the same time, we have to protect our workers and also pedestrians and drivers. On each large-scale worksite, a “risks and safety” officer is present. He is responsible for preventing hazards and ensuring compliance with the safety standards.