Other concrete products

In addition to blocks, pipes and pavers, we manufacture many concrete products. These products, with “Forrest Quality” accreditation, comply with the compressive strength standards equivalent to or higher than those in force within the European Union*, while the prices are aligned with the local market.


Concrete kerbs of 1 metre by 25 centimetres. Their height varies depending on the uses, from 10 centimetres for the shallowest to 17 centimetres for the deepest


We offer two types of claustras:

  • Claustras of 20x20x40 cm with a double separation
  • Claustras of 20x20x40 cm without a separation. They can be used as lost formwork for reinforced concrete structures.

Plantable blocks

Our plantable hollow concrete blocks can be used as flower planters or bank stabilisers on a slope with a decorative look.

Water gutters

Water gutters perfectly complement the creation of a garden or a yard by encouraging the flow of surface water.


DRAMIX® steel fibres are developed by the Belgian company BEKAERT. The process consists of replacing concrete reinforcing bars by steel fibres and spreading them evenly in the concrete, so as to strengthen the structure throughout its whole thickness. This has significant benefits in terms of long-term strength and against impacts, a reduction in distortion and improvement of its waterproofing capacity.

Therefore, the use of DRAMIX® steel fibres guarantees very high performance to the slab, an extended lifetime, great ease of maintenance, optimised concrete thickness and finally, time and money saving during construction.

All concrete products

Our machines allow us to respond to any request for concrete products, in significant quantities if needed, with quick turnaround times. On request, we can also manufacture specific products.  Please contact with us, with no commitment.