Crushed stone products

Our crushed products are available in Lubumbashi, Kolwezi and Kalémie.

In Lubumbashi and Kolwezi, we operate our own gravel and sand quarries. We carry out blasting, stripping, transport and crushing operations. The operation offers a wide choice of raw and crushed products. All grain sizes used in the building and roads sector can be produced. 

The crushed products are needed in particular for the production of reinforced concrete, precast concrete products (building blockspavers , kerbs , pipes …), coatings for road construction and ballast for the rail sector.

Our crushed stone products offer

We produce all possible grain sizes according to our customers’ demands, in significant quantities and fast turnaround times.

  • Washed sands  0/4, 4/10, 10/20, 20/50;
  • Crushed sands, 0/3 and 0/6;
  • Crushed stone gravels; 3/8, 6/10, 10/15 and 15/25;
  • Crushed ballast 25/50;
  • Scalped products 0/25, 0/50, and 0/90;
  • Mixtures 0/25
  • Industrial rubble
  • Mixed rubble 0/120
  • Artisanal rubble

Kilobelobe quarry

Located 14 km to the east of Lubumbashi, the Kilobelobe quarry is renowned for its high quartz content, which makes its crushed products exceptionally hard.

Katonto quarry

The Katonto quarry is located along the National Road 39, fewer than 25 kilometres from the city centre of Kolwezi. The production is mainly used for making concrete in the region, supporting the intense mining activity, the development of infrastructure and guniting activities in underground mines. This deposit is composed of sandstone-quartzitique of excellent quality.

In 2020, the installations of the Katonto quarry were renovated and a new production line was constructed to produce washed sand

International quality

We are attached to the strict observance of international quality standards, similar to those applied in Europe. These are guaranteed by sampling and periodic tests performed in the laboratory.


Our prices are competitive. A personalised analysis and quotation is prepared for each request by our sales department.

Contact us

We have the capacities to respond to any request for concrete products, including large quantities, in a short time.

On request, we can also manufacture specific products. Do not hesitate to contact us!


Entreprise Générale Malta Forrest (EGMF), Avenue Kigoma 22 | Lubumbashi

Operating hours: Monday to Friday 8am to 4pm.

Contact and information:

+243 84 189 08 79 Samyrha KAPIAMBA
+243 84 189 02 57 Audrey
+243 84 189 06 13 Amisi Kofela


Entreprise Générale Malta Forrest (EGMF), Kingabwa district, avenue des Entrepôts n°9 | Kinshasa.

Operating hours: Monday to Friday 7am to 4:30pm.

Contact and information: Mr. Denis Manungu +243 (0)84 189 01 55.


Entreprise Générale Malta Forrest (EGMF), Quartier Industriel, Avenue Industrielle 320 | Kolwezi

Operating hours: Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Contact and information: Mr François Kapenda +243 (0)84 189 03 95