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The Forrest Group's crushing plant in Katonto near Kolwezi, DR Congo.In Kolwezi, EGMF is carrying out major works to modernize its facilities and diversify its offer in crushed products. Work began in 2019 and will be completed in the second quarter of 2020. The objective of this investment is ambitious: triple the production of crushed products and offer a new range of products: washed sand.
This investment allows the Forrest Group to be the only one to offer such high quality crushed products in the Kolwezi region.

30.000 tons/month production

Construction of a crushing plant in Kolwezi, DR CongoIn order to meet the growing demand for crushed and prefabricated concrete, EGMF has built a new crushing plant on the Katonto quarry site. This factory will eventually produce 30,000 tons / month. It is equipped with dry tracks and a wet line, capable of producing washed sands.

The advantages of washed sand

Washed sand is a constituent of choice for the manufacture of concrete, cement or mortar. It has the advantage of containing little clay, which produces better quality concrete. The washed shortbread can in particular be used in the realization of drains which, to function correctly, must contain the least possible clay.

Growing demand

Aerial view of the Katonto quarry in DR CongoThe city of Kolwezi is experiencing unprecedented economic development and building materials are in great demand. In this context, the crushed products produced by EGMF are a safe bet. The Katonto quarry is renowned for the quality of its rock containing high quality sandstone and quartzites (very high quartz content).

A complete range of crushed products

The range of crushed products from the Katonto quarry offers exceptional quality. Our wide and diversified offer meets all of your specific needs:

  • Various rubble stones;
  • Aggregates: 0/6, 6/10, 10/15, 15/25, 25/50;
  • Mixed rubbles: 0/25, 0/50, 0/70;
  • Washed products: 0/4, 4/10, 10/20, 20/50.

On request, we can also produce different particle sizes (depending on availability). Contact us for more information.

Precast concrete

Building blocksAggregates from our Katonto quarry are also used in the manufacture of concrete products. Our machines allow us to respond to any request, including large quantities, within a short time. Among our products, we offer in particular:

  • Building blocks: 10x20x40 cm, 15x20x40 cm and 20x20x40 cm;
  • Pipes: 400 mm, 550 mm, 800 mm and 1000 mm;
  • Claustras: 20x20x40 cm with one or without separation;
  • Pavers: 5 types (H, Z, key, hexagonal and rectangular pavers);
  • Borders;
  • Water gutters;
  • Vegetable blocks.

Our guarantee

EGMF crushed products meet high quality standards, in accordance with those in force within the European Union. These are guaranteed by periodic samples and tests carried out in the laboratory.

The high quality of our crushed products, the highest in the DRC, is recognized by international institutions and companies, which make it the benchmark for their construction sites in the country.

Contact & informations

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