Building blocks

You know the adage “the person who builds badly, builds twice as expensive”.  By choosing our concrete blocks, you are certain you will obtain a high-quality building, which is both strong and long-lasting. 

We sell two categories of building blocks, intended for distinctly different uses.

Type A concrete blocks | Blocks for load-bearing walls

Type A building blocks are designed to withstand particularly high loads. Their compressive strength is 16 Mpa after 7 days, the highest strength for concrete blocks. These blocks are used for the construction of load-bearing walls.

In this category, we produce hollow blocks, solid blocks (used, for example, for foundations) and claustras which can be used as lost formwork for reinforced concrete columns.

Type C cement blocks | Blocks for filling walls

Type C building blocks are the most commonly used, for example to build non-load-bearing walls and partitions. Their compressive strength is 5.33 Mpa after 7 days, which corresponds to the standard in Europe (4 Mpa) for these products. In this category, we produce hollow blocks and claustras.

Three dimensions

Three dimensions are available: 10x20x40 cm, 15x20x40 cm and 20x20x40 cm, thus complying with the international standards for these blocks. Our building blocks have a compression strength that meets or exceeds the European quality standards.

All our blocks have a double separation, in order to maximise the product and avoid losses during execution of the work.