Mining services

The subsurface of the Democratic Republic of the Congo is one of the richest in the world in terms of natural resources, which makes mining one of the country’s main economic activities. Our company, Entreprise Générale Malta Forrest (EGMF), founded in 1922, has been active since 1933 in mining in the region.  It is the oldest and the most experienced company in this sector of activity. In addition to mining, we undertake large excavation and civil engineering works as subcontractors for the mining industry.

Mining operations

Via our company EGMF , we specialise in operating quarries and opencast mines.  We operate mining resources as subcontractors for external companies. We also offer services for developing underground mines.

Our field of expertise includes geological studies, blasting, drainage, stripping, the management of overburden and the loading and transport of tailings and ores. In the DRC, we have a large fleet of mining gear: 90-tonne shovels, dumper trucks with a capacity of 45-tonnes, drill rigs, etc.

Excavations and Civil engineering

Large mining companies regularly use our services to make infrastructure for metallurgical use such as:

  • hydro-metallurgical electrolysis plants
  • mine-based crushers
  • ore extraction tunnels
  • lime plants
  • flotation plants
  • counter-current decantation plants
  • cobalt plants
  • acid plants.

We also have the equipment and experience to undertake all excavation work in the mining sector: creation of ponds, increasing dam heights, etc.

EGMF: the benchmark Congolese subcontractor

The law on mining subcontracting promulgated in February 2017 requires enterprises of the sector to have their headquarters in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and to hold Congolese capital. Our company, Entreprise Générale Malta Forrest (EGMF) was created in Kolwezi at the beginning of the 20th century. Since then, it has always kept its Congolese nationality. By choosing our services, you are complying in full with the law on subcontracting

For more information about our mining subcontracting services, please contact us.

Worksite safety

Worksite safety is one of our priorities. All our workers working on-site are informed about the Safety rules in force in the mining concessions. We apply zero tolerance to any breach of these rules. In addition, a safety officer is present on each large site to prevent risks and ensure compliance with procedures.

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