Kasobantu dam

Civil engineering

Name of the client : Metalkol
Description : Reinforcement of a dam wall
Date : 2018
Contractor : EGMF
Additional informations : EGMF was requested by the client to lift the elevation of the dam wall with 1.95 m. (executed in backfill layers of 250 mm thickness). Total length is 500 m. Left & right along the Dam wall had been mounted ARMCO barricades for ensure the safety passage of the inhabitants (nearby villages), also on the ramp via water level we placed “stone pitching” to avoid erosions during the time.

Travaux de génie civil - renforcement et rehaussement d'une digue

Renforcement d'une digue dans la Province du Lualaba, RDC

Renforcement d'une digue par EGMF

Entreprise de travaux publics en RDC