Felix Tshisekedi visits the road interchange in Kolwezi

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President Félix Tshisekedi and Lualaba Governor welcomed on Kolwezi's interchange site by Malta D ForrestThe Groupe Forrest, via its EGMF subsidiary, spearheads a crucial infrastructure project in Kolwezi, Lualaba province, targeting enhanced regional mobility and growth. President Félix Tshisekedi, alongside the Prime Minister and provincial governor Fifi Masuka Saini, recently visited, emphasizing its significance.

A vision of development: the Kolwezi road interchange

Construction of the Kolwezi interchange bridge, Lualaba, DRCThe Governor initiated this ambitious project for regional development. Constructing the interchange boosts security, transport, and reduces city entry traffic.

Groupe Forrest and EGMF lead this significant investment. Key project details include:

  • 2.5 km asphalt road, 15.50 meters wide with shoulders.
  • The construction of 2 bridges in collaboration with the companies Fally and Matière. One of these bridges rises 57 meters above the RN39, while the other reaches a height of 21 meters above the railway line.
  • The project is divided into three distinct phases: the RN39 ramp, the Rails ramp and the airport road.

Equipment on-site includes a 30 cubic meters/hour concrete plant and a 90-tonnes/hour asphalt plant. New trucks and machinery ensure efficient project completion.

ATALUS : a revolution in slope stabilization 

ATALUS patented system on the Kolwezi interchange, DRCThe project employs the patented ATALUS system for embankment stabilization, which EGMF has licensed. ATALUS allows slopes of 71 degrees, far steeper than the 27 degrees of standard methods. This innovation minimizes land expropriation, preserving the region’s natural resources.

The President’s visit: recognition of EGMF’s know-how

Malta D Forrest welcomes President Félix Tshisekedi to the Kolwezi interchange construction siteThe highlight of Kolwezi’s infrastructure advancement was President Félix Tshisekedi’s visit on October 5. Joined by the Prime Minister and provincial governor Fifi Masuka Saini, the visit, orchestrated by Malta D. Forrest, CEO of Groupe Forrest, acknowledges EGMF and the Group’s efforts to bolster regional development and vital infrastructure.

The Groupe Forrest’s dedication to the DRC shines through, emphasizing its pivotal contribution to the nation’s economic and infrastructure progress.

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