Kasavubu Avenue


Name of the client : Governorate of Haut-Katanga
Description : Rehabilitation of Kasavubu avenue
Date : 2019-2020
Contacor : EGMF
Additional informations : Rehabilitation of Kasavubu avenue over a length of 2,600 m and a width of 17 m (shoulders included). Development of 4 traffic lanes and a central curb. Installation of solar street lights by Congo Energy.

In Lubumbashi, avenue Kasavubu after renovation in 2019.


Kasa-Vubu avenue in Lubumbashi after renovation in 2019Avenue Kasavubu with the governorate and the cathedral of Lubumbashi in the DRC. Kasavubu avenue in Lubumbashi Aerial view of Kasavubu avenue in Lubumbashi, DRC.