Electrical workshop

Our electrical workshop is specialised in the repair, electrical maintenance and install of electrical installations.

The company AEMI [ex-ACEC Congo], responsible for electrical services, is a benchmark in its sector in the DRC. Since 2017, for example, it has been officially certified to distribute, repair and maintain SIEMENS products in the DRC.

In Kinshasa and Likasi, our electrical workshops have high-precision electrical-mechanical equipment and offer a very wide range of services:

  • Repair of motors, transformers, alternators;
  • Design and creation of electrical installations;
  • Maintenance contracts;
  • Technical assistance;
  • Rehabilitation of electrical installations (LV & MV);
  • Design, creation and installation of electrical cabinets and programmable controllers;
  • Inspection and maintenance of cabins;
  • Inspection and maintenance of generators;
  • Infrared thermography inspection;
  • Analysis of the quality of the electrical grid;
  • Machining of mechanical parts;
  • Undersea work inspection and work.

Rotating machines

We contribute to the operation of large-scale structures, by rehabilitating hydroelectric power station turbines, in particular those of Inga 2, Sanga, Koni, Mwadingusha, Nseke, Bendera, etc


Our teams rehabilitate various electrical machines, in our workshops in Kinshasa and Likasi and on-site: motors, stabilisers, alternators, transformers, etc.

Electrical installations

We offer services for designing and installing electrical installations, for both the industrial and building sectors: electric cabinets, PLCs, etc.

Electrical maintenance

Our maintenance services, including preventive maintenance, are specialised in analysing grid quality. We have the equipment and the expertise necessary to carry out inspections using infrared thermography.


Our electrical workshop, AEMI, has the certificate of conformity permitting us to work as a subcontractor in the private sector. By choosing our services, you are complying in full with Congolese law.


Our products and services are offered equally to individuals, businesses and public institutions. Please contact us for a personalised offer with no commitment.
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