Forrest Industry

Forrest Industry is a company incorporated under Congolese law, fully owned by Groupe Forrest.

The purpose of Forrest Industry is to develop the Industry Cluster and increase the synergies between the three companies that comprise it: AMF, NBLIA and AEMI.


Electrical workshop

The electrical workshop of the Industry Cluster offers two types of services: electrical repair and maintenance and the installation of electrical facilities.

Metal workshop

The Industry Cluster’s metal workshop offers sheet-metal products, aluminium products and the design, manufacture and installation of factories.

Mechanical workshop

The mechanical and foundry workshop of the Industry Cluster offers mechanical repair services and manufactures precision mechanical parts.

Industry Cluster

The Groupe Forrest Industry Cluster offers a range of high quality services and products, unique in the country, which covers the Metal, Mechanical, Electrical & Casting fields. It includes among its customers most of the large industrial companies active in the DRC.

Subcontracting conformity

In accordance with the provisions of Act 17/001 of 8 February 2017, Forrest Industry is authorised to subcontract activities in the private sector in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Avenue Usoke, 359
Lubumbashi. R.D.Congo
Tél. +243 (0)84 189 07 78

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