Atelier Mécanique et Fonderie (AMF)

AMF (Mechanical Workshop and Foundry) is a Congolese company located in Lubumbashi composed of a foundry, a modelling workshop and a machining workshop. The latter produces a wide range of machined parts in steel, cast iron and bronze. One section renovates high capacity pumps for dewatering mines and hydrometallurgy in particular.

Formerly FONDAF, AMF has been owned by Groupe Forrest since 2018. The company benefits from over 75 years of know-how and expertise in its field in the DRC. 



AMF is specialised in casting. It has many moulds that are specific for the types of machines already used in Congolese industries.


AMF manufactures high precision parts, according to the specifications and specific requests wanted by its customers.


AMF is specialised in mechanical repairs, for example, pumps, motors, gear units, etc.

Social commitment

AMF participates in the funding of the Forrest Foundations. These foundations support humanist initiatives in favour of the local populations. Learn more about AMF’s commitment.


675 avenue de la métallurgie
Lubumbashi. R.D.Congo
Tél. +243 (0)84 189 07 78

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