Rehabilitation of the Bendera hydroelectric plant


Conduite forcée de la centrale de Bendera dans le TanganyikaWith its expertise in the recommissioning of the Sanga hydroelectric power plant, the Electricity Division of the Forrest Group has been entrusted with the rehabilitation, modernization and reliability of the equipment at the Bendera power plant.

Bassin BenderaThis hydroelectric plant, located in Tanganyika, has an installed capacity of 17.2 MW divided into two groups: group 1 and group 2. It supplies electricity to some 600,000 inhabitants of the city of Kalemie as well as households around Bendera.

Roue Pelton à la centrale de BenderaAEMI carried out the dismantling and repair of the generator of the 1st group. After the repair, the Stator and Rotor of the alternator underwent several electrical tests to ensure its condition before returning to service.

Centrale hydroélectrique de Bendera sur la rivière KyimbiThe Pelton wheel has been reconditioned in the AEMI workshops in Likasi.

The teams cleaned the penstocks, replaced the control cabinets in the control room, and inspected the railway track for the rehabilitation of the funicular to allow operators quick access to the facilities of the upstream works.

A high-precision project, made even more complex by the site’s lack of accessibility.

Equipe AEMI BEndera

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