Kasavubu Avenue


Name of the client : Governorate of Haut-Katanga
Description : Solar public lighting
Date : Present (2019)
Contractor : Congo Energy
Additional informations : Solar lighting of the Kasavubu avenue in Lubumbashi, from Square Forrest to the intersection with Likasi Avenue.
Installation of 220 JUA MAXI 4 solar street lights of the Sunna Design brand. This solar installation saves daily 1,360 kWh, which is the average consumption of 115 families per day, compared to traditional public lighting.

Solar street lighing in Lubumbashi, DR Congo

Solar lights on Kasa-Vubu avenue in Lubumbashi

In DR Congo, the Forrest Group installed solar street lights.

In Lubumbashi, Kasa Vubu avenue is powered by solar energy


Kasa-Vubu avenue in Lubumbashi after renovation in 2019