Installations for industries

The quality of the electrical installation and its efficiency are two key elements for operating a business. An optimum installation increases workers’ safety, increases productivity and improves production costs. All beneficial for your business. With our solutions you can optimise your electrical installation and increase efficiency with regard to the process and consumption.

Industrial Lighting

Right now, replacing obsolete industrial lighting can prove to be very cost-effective. Current lighting, in particular of the LED type, provides a greater quantity of light at a lower cost. The cost of the installation is paid for by the savings you make.

Lighting is also a key factor in productivity and safety. Whatever the size of your company and its business sector, optimal lighting will ensure high-quality work and an environment conducive to the well-being of the workers.

Energy Management and Automation

We provide energy management and automation solutions to industries. We favour a 360° approach: our solutions take account of the realities of your business sector, local infrastructure and the complexity of the processes. In the energy management and automation field, there are three strands to our expertise:

  • Solutions for people’s safety and the security of machines
  • Solutions for operational efficiency
  • Solutions for optimising the value chain

Tailor-made Solutions

For any request, our priority is to listen to your requirements. Our team then analyses your needs and offers appropriate and reliable solutions enabling you to meet your efficiency objectives. We are there to support you from the beginning to the end of your project and offer you advice with your choices while taking your requirements and your budget into account. We also provide a proactive after-sales service.

Pre-financing Option

Do you prefer to free up OPEX rather than CAPEX? We can provide you with tailored financing solutions at an advantageous price. Please contact us for more information.