Foundry & machining

Located in Lubumbashi, our machining workshop, AMF (formerly FONDAF), makes a wide range of machined parts in steel and alloy steel including stainless steel, cast iron and bronze. Besides the casting infrastructure, we have a wide range of specific moulds, in particular for the wear parts of pumps (wheels, diffusers, sleeves, bushings, bearings, etc.), for cast iron, bronze, brass or anti-friction metal. We also manufacture mechanical precision parts to order: gears, transmission shafts, flanges, etc.

A comprehensive range of facilities

Our workshop is equipped with all the facilities to enable it to meet the demand of local industries for casting and machining:

    • two gantry cranes with capacities of 5 and 3 tonnes
    • 3 electric furnaces from 500 kg to 3 tonnes
    • 2 Morgan furnaces of 600 kg and 1 tonne
    • a modelling section
    • a casting section with recovery of the sand
    • deburring, shot blasting and adjustment tools
    • a large vertical lathe (weight 38 tonnes)
    • a large horizontal lathe (weight 25 tonnes)
    • a mid-size vertical lathe
    • 3 horizontal lathes of different sizes
    • a boring mill
    • 3 drills
    • a dynamic balancer
    • a grinder
    • a mechanical saw

International standards

With nearly 80 years’ expertise in the casting and machining sector, we offer superior quality products and services locally, compliant with international standards, at competitive prices.

In our workshop and on the worksites, we do not compromise on safety. All our staff must wear the regulatory equipment. We apply zero tolerance in this regard in order to limit the risk of accidents and ensure the safety of the workers.

Workshop visit

Would you like additional information about our products and services? We regularly organise visits of our various workshops . Please contact us to make an appointment. We will analyse your needs with you and offer you a personalised proposal at the best price. Call us on +243 (0) 84 189 08 13 or click on the “Ask for a quote” button below.