Metal frameworks

When building a house or a building, the choice of what materials to use is a key issue. The criteria needing to be taken into account are many: your budget, of course, but also and especially the strength and durability of the materials.

The roof is no exception to this rule. A good quality roof is essential to protect your home, your family and your property. There are many materials on the market, at all prices. However, if you want a roof which lasts a long time, the choice should not be made lightly. Discover our advice for choosing a quality roof.

Wooden or steel frame?

For the roof structure, the choice is mainly between wood and steel. Here are their main characteristics:


Even treated, wood does not sufficiently guarantee that termites will not be a problem. The risk of them infesting the roof frame is real. If this occurs, the roof will represent a danger for the safety of the people who live there and the whole roof must eventually be replaced, which is a significant additional cost.


This material requires a lot of preparation. It is very heavy to transport and must be assembled on site. Direct current is needed to weld the elements together which often makes the presence of a generator essential. In a word, the installation of a steel frame is laborious and costly. Steel must also be protected by anti-rust paint.

Galva frames

To offset the disadvantages of wood and steel, we offer you a 3rd solution: galvanised steel roof frames.  These frames, which have galvanised “C” trusses, are manufactured and assembled in Lubumbashi according to your roof drawing.

This type of structure has many benefits: 

  • No risk of termites
  • Not need for anti-rust paint
  • Drawn by computer
  • Very light
  • Long-lasting
  • Shorter installation time
  • Requires little manpower. The trusses are pre-assembled and very light to handle (a classic truss with 2 slopes each 8m-long weighs only 32 kg!)

A galvanised roof frame can be installed on all types of buildings: houses, schools, public buildings, hospitals, churches, etc.

Self-supporting cladding sheets

When the galvanised roof frame is installed, self-supporting cladding sheets can be used to complete the roof. We offer self-supporting sheets of various sizes, equally well suited to factory construction as to house roofs. Our machines allow us to respond very quickly to our customers’ demands. All our sheets are manufactured to order, which thereby avoids horizontal covering and reduces the risk of water infiltration.

Come and consult us with your roof drawing for more information and a price calculation.