Aluminium frames

Frames are an integral part of your home. They not only provide an aesthetic look to the front of the house, but they also protect its interior from dust, temperature variations and unwanted insects.

Quality frames offer all the security you need. Grids and bars in front of the windows become superfluous and you can take full advantage of your environment.

Since 2015, we produce aluminium door and window frames thanks to an assembly line from Italy. Our products have a quality equivalent to those made and installed in Europe.

Superior quality aluminium

Aluminium is a material of choice for door and window frames, which has many advantages:

  • Easy maintenance
  • Long life
  • Strength (no risk of deformation over time)
  • Look
  • Good insulation against heat, cold and bad weather

The aluminium we use to make the frames is bought from international companies, recognized in this specific field.

All types of frames

We produce frames of all sizes and for all types of doors and windows:

  • Picture windows
  • Casement/ tilt and turn/ sliding windows
  • Fixed windows
  • French-windows
  • Triangular windows
  • Trapezoidal windows
  • Roof windows

According to your wishes, the frame can be fitted with mosquito nets and/or ventilation grilles. We also provide various types of glazing materials, including laminated glass of a minimum thickness of 6.38 mm.

Two ranges of products

In order to offer a quality product for all budgets, we propose two ranges of frames:

  • Type A frames: our most exclusive range, made-to-measure frames for your doors and windows. By order only.
  • Type C frames: superior quality frames, available from stock in standard sizes. Lighter than type A frames, they are suitable for all budgets.


Our prices are competitive. A personalised analysis and quotation is prepared for each request by our sales department. Our assembly line can produce both small and large quantities, with quick turnaround times.