Joseph Kabila Kabange boulevard

Civil engineering, Electricity

Name of the client : Tanganyika Governorate
Description : Construction of the Joseph Kabila Kabange boulevard (former route Rugumba) in Kalemie
Date : 2020 – current
Contractor : EGMF
Additional informations : Construction of the Boulevard Joseph Kabila Kabange, one of the main road of the city of Kalemie. Over a length of 6.3 km, the works include sanitation, construction of engineering structures, widening of the track, paving, and installation of solar lights.

Construction of the Boulevard Joseph Kabila Kabange in Kalemie, Tanganyika, DR Congo

In Kalemie, construction of Boulevard Joseph Kabila Kabange

Sanitation works bld Joseph Kabila Kabange in Kalemie

Works on bld JKK in Kalemie