Project Management

Our company, Congo Energy, specialises in the administrative and financial management of projects in the energy sector.
Our field of expertise covers many aspects:

  • systemic and feasibility studies
  • preparation of the tendering files and invitation to tender
  • preparation of tender files
  • analysis of tenders, at the technical and financial level
  • contractual negotiations
  • preparation of contracts
  • contractual management
  • monitoring of the performance of the work on the site
  • supervision of the work on the site
  • approval of the technical documents
  • factory acceptance tests (FAT)
  • calculation and monitoring of the customer’s debt
  • operational acceptance
  • monitoring of the maintenance of new installations
  • etc.

The FRIPT Project

Our Electricity Cluster, via Congo Energy, has managed the FRIPT project (FRIPT standing for Increasing the reliability, Rehabilitation and Strengthening of the SNEL Production and Transmission infrastructure). The project has been administered and managed by Congo Energy (the Project Director), on behalf of the SNEL (the Contracting Authority), since 2013. The USD 450,000,000 financing of this project is provided by KCC. The various worksites and work included in this project will make 450 MW available.

The FRIPT is one of the largest public-private partnership projects in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The Project includes the rehabilitation of infrastructure of the Nzilo power plant as well as that of Inga 2, the full rehabilitation of the West dispatcher, and a strengthening of the direct and alternating current transmission to increase the capacity that can be carried from 500 to 1,000 MW over the 1,700 kilometres between Inga and Kolwezi.