Ethics & responsibility

Since its foundation and throughout its growth, GROUPE FORREST INTERNATIONAL S.A. and its companies have based their relations with customers, suppliers, employees and any other player, on mutual trust and responsibility in the entrepreneurial act.

GROUPE FORREST INTERNATIONAL S.A. can count on the sense of responsibility of its 8,000 collaborators, which enable it to pursue its growth in a competitive and free enterprise environment.

Such elements have on several occasions led GROUPE FORREST INTERNATIONAL S.A., its companies and its management to be acknowledged, honoured and called upon on by different international bodies and African and European States. Such recognitions and involvements are the result of the way in which GROUPE FORREST INTERNATIONAL S.A. and its companies manage and intend to manage their economic activity.

This management is anchored in a range of vectors:

  1. The activities of the GROUPE FORREST INTERNATIONAL companies are carried out respecting the laws and regulations in force in the place where they are established and in accordance with ethical principles. The entire workforce is rendered watchful that the GROUPE FORREST INTERNATIONAL companies behave in an equitable manner in their relations with customers, suppliers and competitors, while taking into account the competitive environment.
  2. The resources and assets of the GROUPE FORREST INTERNATIONAL companies can only be used for profitable, non-fraudulent purposes in accordance with the interests of the Group. The expense commitments and transfers can only take place if the reasons stated correspond to the actual reasons and can only be conducted in accordance with legal procedures. All the financial operations must be recorded in a correct and thorough manner.
  3. In its relations with government bodies, customers and suppliers, the companies of GROUPE FORREST INTERNATIONAL prohibit all fraudulent practices and all acts that can be likened to corruption. When the legislation prohibits it, the funds pertaining to a company of GROUPE FORREST INTERNATIONAL may not be used to contribute to financing candidates or political parties. If the legislation authorises this, such contributions may be made upon the condition that they take place within the limits fixed by the aforementioned legislation, with probity and prudence and after the approval of the manager of the Forrest Group company holding the highest position in the country in question.
  4. The employees of the GROUPE FORREST INTERNATIONAL companies may not offer bonuses or gifts apart from of a value corresponding to the local customs for services rendered within the framework of the normal professional activities of the beneficiary of these gifts. This is even the case with respect to a civil servant, if such an act is customary and is not prohibited by local laws. These expenses must be listed and recorded in the accounting.
  5. The GROUPE FORREST INTERNATIONAL companies practice no discrimination with regard to their employees because of their age, race, ethnic origin, gender, sexual orientation, family status, religious beliefs, nationality or disability and promise to treat them with dignity and fully respecting their private life.
  6. The GROUPE FORREST INTERNATIONAL companies encourage and respect, in their spheres of influence, the protection of the rights of man proclaimed in the United Nation’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the fundamental conventions of the International Labor Organization (ILO) and Global Compact, particularly concerning the elimination of all kinds of forced labour and child labour as defined by the ILO.
  7. Advantages in kind accorded to the employees of a GROUPE FORREST INTERNATIONAL company in addition to their normal remuneration (salary and bonus) may only occur in accordance with the applicable legislation, notably concerning taxes and local customs.
  8. Employees may not make profit from the goods or information belonging to the GROUPE FORREST INTERNATIONAL companies, commercialise them or exploit them. Neither may they make use of their position to obtain personal advantages. While carrying out their functions, employees may accept presents and invitations of symbolic value, as long as they have no impact on their professional activities and are not illicit. An employee may not accept from a customer, supplier or partner of a company of the GROUPE FORREST INTERNATIONAL, sums of money, gifts or invitations with a value other than symbolic.
  9. Whatever their function and grade, the employees must avoid all conflict between their direct or indirect personal interests (including those of their close family) and those of the companies of GROUPE FORREST INTERNATIONAL. These situations of conflict notably concern the provision of services (whether as an employee or not), to company competitors, customers or suppliers of the GROUPE FORREST INTERNATIONAL companies or holding financial shares in these companies (unless this share is less than 3% of a listed company). The employees concerned by an existing or potential conflict of interest must inform their hierarchical superior in order to obtain instructions concerning their professional situation. This rule applies very particularly to employees involved in projects with companies establishing partnerships or similar agreements with a company of GROUPE FORREST INTERNATIONAL.
  10. The employees of the GROUPE FORREST INTERNATIONAL companies may not purchase or sell shares or other securities of the companies (or give advise on such operations), if their professional activities provide them with access to inside information on these companies.
  11. The commercial representatives and agents are only selected and remunerated in the case of independent companies, exercising their activities in accordance with the applicable laws. All contracts and agreements with these representatives and agents must be expressed in writing. The commissions must be comparable to those in force for similar business.
  12. The companies of GROUPE FORREST INTERNATIONAL respect the confidentiality of information concerning persons (employees or third parties) that they are in a position to hold or exploit.
  13. The employees must ensure the protection of confidential information, belonging to the companies of GROUPE FORREST INTERNATIONAL and its partners, of which it is aware. The companies of GROUPE FORREST INTERNATIONAL consider that intellectual property and other confidential information constitute the essential values of every business.
  14. The GROUPE FORREST INTERNATIONAL companies support the protection of the environment, health, education and the wellbeing of local communities. Within their sphere of influence, they take all the initiatives to promote a responsible attitude in these domains and to encourage the development and diffusion of favourable technologies and programmes.
  15. All the executives and mangers of the GROUPE FORREST INTERNATIONAL companies are guarantors, within their own sphere of influence, of the implementation and adherence to management principles.

GROUPE FORREST INTERNATIONAL S.A. has forged its vision based on over 90 years’ experience and activity in Central Africa, simultaneously taking into account the rules of free competition, the respect due to each person, whatever position he occupies, the evolution of morality in the field of business and of course, the laws and regulations in the countries where it operates.