Metal workshop

Our mechanical workshop offers sheet metal products and aluminium products. It is specialised in the design, manufacture and erection of factories.

NBLIA [formerly Baron & Levêque], responsible for metal services and products, has benchmark expertise in the DRC in these sectors, expertise derived from 60 years of activity in Africa and in Europe.

The products are designed and manufactured in our workshop in the heart of Lubumbashi, before delivery and assembly on site, over the whole of the DRC.

NBLIA’s expertise relies on detailed knowledge of the realities of the local and international markets as well as on a highly skilled workforce. In this field, NBLIA offers services which include making its staff available for specific projects.

GALVA frames

GALVA frames are suitable for the roofs of all types of buildings. They are made to order, by computer and installed by our teams. GALVA frames combine lightness and solidity. Unlike wood and steel, they require no treatment against rust or termites.

Aluminium frames

We manufacture aluminium door and window frames of all sizes, with fast lead times. Our assembly line, of an Italian brand, guarantees products of a quality similar to those manufactured in Europe.

Sheet metal working

Our mechanical workshop is able to manufacture a wide range of metal products, according to the specificities of each customer and each site.


NBLIA, our metal workshop has the certificate of conformity issued by the Ministry of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, permitting us to work as a subcontractor in the private sector.


On worksites, as in our metal workshop, we pay particular attention to safety. Wearing safety equipment is mandatory for workers, but also visitors. Our staff are regularly informed about the need to comply with safety instructions.


Our high-quality products are offered at competitive prices. Call us on +243 (0) 84 189 08 13 or click on the “Ask for a quote” button below for a personalised proposal.