George Arthur Forrest Foundation

The George Arthur Forrest Foundation was created in 2011 by George Arthur Forrest, Chairman of Honour and Chairman of Groupe Forrest.

Dedicated to Africa, the George Arthur Forrest Foundation promotes transparency, honest management of natural resources and the introduction of more ethics into the management of business on the African continent.

The George Arthur Forrest Foundation supports projects in different fields. The projects supported fall into different categories: reference works, support for already existing activities, training and awareness. The Foundation has chosen not to create new activities, but to support operations that have proven their effectiveness and which, through the Foundation’s support can continue or extend their role. The Foundation’s activities are especially appreciated at a time when development aid is falling, especially in the wake of the financial crisis.

Based in Wavre, Belgium, the Foundation aims to create and contribute to positive and participatory initiatives in favour of Africa’s development, development that combines democratic progress, socio-economic empowerment and respect for the African peoples and their heritages. Besides topics directly related to good governance, among the Foundation’s objectives are the promotion of the African cultural heritage, with the conviction that the promotion of a heritage plays a full role in the progress and harmonious development of peoples.

Avenue Pasteur, 9
1300 Wavre
Tél. +32 (0)10 23 96 80

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