George Arthur Forrest Foundation

The George Arthur Forrest Foundation develops positive initiatives in favour of socio-economic development and for the most fragile populations.

The George Arthur Forrest Foundation participates in initiatives contributing to Africa’s development.  They combine democratic progress, socio-economic empowerment and respect for African heritage.

The George Arthur Forrest Foundation promotes transparency, honest management of natural resources and the introduction of more ethics into business management.

Based in Wavre, the Foundation was created by Groupe Forrest International (GFI S.A).

Panzi hospital of Doctor Mukwege

The Foundation has supported the introduction of laparoscopy techniques at the Panzi hospital by Doctor Denis Mukwege, a collaboration with Professor Guy-Bernard Cadière and the Saint-Pierre Hospital of Brussels. From 2013 to 2018, the Foundation fully funded no fewer than 18 medical team missions from the Saint-Pierre hospital to the Panzi hospital to assist staff on the spot and to train the teams. In Bukavu in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Mukwege treats women who are victims of sexual violence.

Varied support

The Forrest Foundations also support health centres, clinics and maternity hospitals, schools and universities, orphanages and hostels, professional and amateur sports clubs, etc. The Forrest Foundations also fund the construction of basic infrastructure, for example access to drinking water and electricity, as well as initiatives to raise awareness of respect for Congolese fauna and flora.

A long-term vision

Groupe Forrest accompanies each investment with requirements:

  • The contribution of value-added and technologies in the countries concerned;
  • Compliance with environmental standards similar to those that apply within the European Union;
  • Observance of the law, in particular with regards to labour and tax matters in the states in which it invests;
  • Contribution to the social development of the local populations.