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BANQUE COMMERCIALE DU CONGO (BCDC) has been the bank of reference in the Democratic Republic of the Congo since 1909.
The Forrest family owns 62.25% of it.

© Jean-Dominique Burton
Immeuble de la BCDC, à Kinshasa


The BANQUE COMMERCIALE DU CONGO (BCDC) has been the leading bank in the Democratic Republic of the Congo since 1909. The Forrest family is privately a majority shareholder.

Banker and adviser to large Congolese enterprises and SMEs, it is also, in the banking field, the main partner for international institutions in the DRC, known for its reliability, the quality of its services and its stringent and ethical practices.

The management of the BCDC is autonomous, completely independent from that of the FORREST GROUP. This is demonstrated by the choice of the Forrest family not to sit on the Bank's Board of Directors.

The BCDC applies strict standards of governance, risk management and internal control, compliant with the international standards in force in the sector. Based in Kinshasa, the BCDC has a network of agencies spread throughout the whole of Congolese territory.

For more than forty years, the BCDC was the central bank and issuing institution of the Congo.
Now a century-old, the Bank is the custodian of expertise and know-how unique in the financial sector in Central Africa. The BCDC concentrates on specialised professions, directed at a select clientele of businesses, institutions, banks and individuals.

© Jean-Dominique Burton
La BCDC est l'une des principales banques commerciales de la RDC. La famille Forrest en est actionnaire majoritaire
Boulevard du 30 Juin
Kinshasa / R.D.Congo
Tél. +243.99.991.97.62
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